27 April (Destroyed family clock)

I woke up with my mum screaming at me to feed my kittens. No “good morning” or even a “wake up”. Just a “feed the CATS”. The day felt like one of the few days where I would actually be a productive member of society, so I woke up and fed the cats. Then, I went back to bed, which resulted in Mum getting mad at me.

By the time I got out of bed the second time, Mum had already cooked breakfast. Sometimes, I wonder if she has superpowers (rest of the time, I know she does).  Dad was going to go to work late, for thug life reasons, and Mum had to attend a funeral. They had an argument about who the driver was going to drive first. It ended with Mum walking to the funeral, just to spite my father. Sometimes adults can be so non-adult (children?).

Anyway, I decided that my guitar needed new strings. I swear, in the past five years, I have only changed the strings once. I had given up on guitar once, but I’m trying again now. I’m struggling, but I’m having fun.
I removed all the strings, and cleaned up the guitar. There was a lot of dust on it, due to years of me ignoring it. It’s looking much better and cleaner now.
After that, I went out to buy some new strings. I wore my new beige shirt/kurta, feeling fresh as hell. I’ve always wanted to wear it, but I thought it looked weird (do you guys ever feel like that too?), but I thought “fuck it”, and wore it anyway. And, in the words of the holy bible, “It was good.” (btw blonde LC girl who was staring, I see you 😉 )

I went to the music shop I previously mentioned (Ed Sheeran’s Red Room of Pain), and got my strings. I met a friend there. His name is Samuel. He is a nice guy, and he tells nice stories but he sucks at ending them (like Kubo from that movie).


        Really nice movie.
             Kubo and The Two Strings.

The strings were cheaper than I had thought they would be, which made me happy. I left the shop and headed to my hangout place. On the way, I met another friend of mine. He is having relationship troubles right now, because he (kinda?) cheated on his girlfriend. Anyway, don’t want to talk about that here. Just want to tell you, cheating is not cool. Don’t cheat. This other girl told my bestie, “That guy turned out to be lower than Kaustubh also.”, which is pretty bad, considering how much she thinks I’m a manwhore.

I reached Norgume, my hangout place. It’s a nice restaurant, with No Smoking signs all over the world, and ashtrays under the tables. The owner, Tshering Chojo, is very thug life. I had a cup of tea (black tea, cause my broke ass doesn’t have money for milk tea), and smoked next to a No Smoking sign. Incase any cops are reading this right now, I totally made that up just to act cool.

After having my cup of tea (and totally fabricated cigarette), I left Norgume. There was a street musician outside the restaurant. He was playing a popular Nepali song on his sarangi. It sounded really nice, and I gave him a few bucks. People, you should give street musicians a few bucks, cause that’s how  they earn their living. They might not be Jon Bon Jovi or Hozier, but they are still talented, and they sing to eat, not to buy private planes. So support local talent.


He’s a really talented guy. I love street music.

After that, I called up my friend, and he told me he would meet me in ten minutes (he took twenty). While waiting for him. I had chana chur, from this street vendor. The process of making chana chur looked very fascinating to me. I guess, if you look at everything as if you are a newborn child, almost anything can be interesting.


It’s all so interesting. I’d show you his face but he’s really handsome and you’d feel bad.

After I met  my friend, he decided that he wanted to buy some hair wax. There were some very strange waxes, like garlic, and snake oil. He went with snake oil. If he really wants snake oil, he should hook up with my ex (jknonotjk). Then, we were both hungry, so we went to this old restaurant/hole in the wall, called Nini ko Dokan (Auntie’s Shop). There we get the best beef momo in Darjeeling (btw I’m from Darjeeling). Its cooked on a wood fire, so it has a smokey taste, and when you bite into it, the flavor just oozes out. Damn, I’m hungry now.

After a scrumptious lunch, we met some of our other friends. They are part of this social group called Mukh Bandh Kaam Shuru, and they are organizing a quiz. The proceeds from the quiz will go to an orphanage. They had to give a letter to some official person, so that they could display an advertisement on the huge TV thing (it is so ugly) in the middle of the town. On the way to the office, we saw a pet store with cute puppies. They are all so cute. I wanted to run away with them all.


          Just look at the puppies.

The official dude was quite rude, in my opinion, and told them to come back on Monday. Then, my friends decided to go to this person’s house. They took bottles of something. I can’t tell you what it was but it is a liquid and it rhymes with “deer”. They wanted me to come too, but I didn’t want to drink the thing which rhymes with “deer”.

So, I went home. Me and my father reached home at around the same time. I started stringing up (is that the correct phrase?) my guitar. It felt good to finally play on new strings.

After that, I just lay around, but this fly kept bothering me. So I rolled up a newspaper, and started hunting it. It finally perched on a wall of my room, and I tried to hit. I missed, but I managed to hit the clock hanging on the wall. That clock has been there since before I can remember. I don’t remember a day without it ticking by itself on the wall, and with a single shot, I destroyed. Well, it’s not really destroyed. It is working, but it got a severe makeover. Now it looks like Kanye West designed it.

After dinner, I was really bored. So, I started flirting with some random girl on Facebook. She is cute albeit a little dumb. Then, my friend texted me. Apparently, he got dumped by his girl because she is “messed up”. I have no idea what that means. Poor guy had stopped talking to all his side hoes too. I advised him to reach out to his sides again. I am so good at advice.

I can’t even begin to talk about how much it hurts when you suddenly get dumped for some stupid reason like that. If you got problems, maybe the guy/girl who likes you, and tolerates your crazy ass can help you. Damn man, that is some fucked up shit. Pro tip: Don’t fall in love.


Soon after, I was getting into bed, but then this girl started calling me. She’s cute too. After talking to her, I finally decided to sleep, but some moth had entered my room and kept annoying me. Well, I rolled up the newspaper again, and this time I did not miss.

                                               Kaustubh Rai


So ….. New blog.

Hey everyone. I ditched my old blog for this new one. I don’t know why I did it.
I just wanted a fresh start, I guess.

Well, this is my new blog. I hope people enjoy, and support this one as much as the old one. Maybe if I’m lucky, they’ll like it even more. Although, this blog will be for myself, so it won’t really matter anyway.

My last blog just consisted of me uploading poems, but this one will be different. I wanna make this into a sort of personal journal. So, some of my posts will be private. Some may even be password protected, but most will be open to all.

I’ll also write about all the places I travelled to, or will travel to in the future.  I love traveling around, though I’m stuck at home right now.

And….. That’s it guys. I hope you all like this blog. And, thanks for visiting.