4th April ( 420 my people)

The day began with me waking up with a headache. That probably has nothing to do with how I slept at around 2:30 in the morning, after calculating the number of hours of sleep I would get if I fell asleep that very instant (I can’t be the only one who does that right? Right?). Incase you were wondering what I was doing at 2:30 in the morning, I was watching anime. I was watching Clannad. It’s an amazing anime, by the way. You should totally give it a go, if you like anime, or if you have eyes.


Speaking of anime, this girl shot me down by saying she doesn’t watch anime, but her Instagram username said otherwise. Ladies and gentleman, don’t do that kind of thing. Feels bad man. 😥

So, after going to sleep at an hour when the Indian army probably starts patrolling the borders (huge respect, by the way, to the armed forces), I was woken up at around 8. They’ll tell you that six hours is enough sleep, but don’t let them fool you. Science will almost always be proven wrong in the future. Happened to Newton, and it can happen to some scientists who study sleep as well.

By the time I was completely awake, my mum had already left the house. Poor woman. She’s always so busy. My parents have always been busy, as far as I can remember. Other people tell me it was the same for them too. Yup, we are a generation of kids raised by kids i.e. ourselves. Unless your parents brought a house maid from the Dooars area. That is totally illegal, by the way, if the maid is younger than 14(?) years of age. YOSH. Child labour? Illegal. Hotel? Trivago.

After being forced out of bed, I fed my kittens. Cat food smells so weird. And then, I got back into bed, after waving good bye to dad. I binge watched Clannad. The ending song of Clannad is so very cute. Dango, dango. Watch it here if you want:  the dango song. so cute
I was forced to have my breakfast at around 12, by the dizziness in my head, and my bestie, Bhuntu. She loves me, even though she keeps calling me a fuckboi.


That’s what breakfast looked like.

After brunch, I decided to go out. I needed a smoke. It had been one day since I had quit. Ah well, I was never known for being a quitter. By the way, One Day by Matisyahu is such a nice song. Good vibes. So, I  finally stepped out of my house. I hadn’t seen the sun in two days, I think. I went out, looking at everything like I was seeing it for the first time (is that green thing called a frog? Oh wait,no, that’s a tree.).  I had a cup of tea and a cigarette. By tea I mean black tea, because I’m a poor broke boy who can’t afford milk tea yo *cries*.

After my brief outing, I came back home, cleaned up my room, and started binging on Clannad again. I finally finished it. I’m not gonna watch the second season, cause I know what happens in it and I don’t wanna be emotionally assaulted. Then, I fell asleep. I woke up to my mum screaming at me, and sniffing up my room, because apparently, I keep alcohol in my room (I don’t). So, me and my parents had a small quarrel, but we resolved it quickly. Around this time, I started trying to learn how to play the guitar again. I succeeded a little, I failed a little. Then, I decided I wanted a journal/blog, and so here we are. I’m typing this after having my dinner, and maybe this will turn into a nice routine of sorts.


Dinner. The red thing from breakfast lived on. Because COMMUNISM SHALL NEVER BE DESTROYED.

I’ll try to upload a little something everyday. Hopefully, this is the start of a new journey.

Oh, and Happy 420 day, the only day happier than Christmas for some.

Kaustubh Rai