4/21: International Surprise Drug Test Day

I was kinda sick for two days, that’s why I’m uploading two days worth of entries today. I also didn’t have network access because I’m broke. Sad life.

As I already mentioned, I was pretty sick, so I wanted to stay home all day, but I had already promised my friend that we would be going out. I’m working on actually keeping my promises these days, and I also had to buy a capo for my guitar. For those who don’t know, a capo is this clip like thing which you use on your guitar to make the pitch higher.

So,  yeah, I slept in my bed for almost the whole day. At around 2, my bitch friend, Solomon, called me. So I changed into better looking clothes, and went out. That bastard made me wait for him for an hour. I stood in front of my old school for an hour, which meant I got to meet all the people from my school. It was surprising how many people knew me.


                     So damn popular

This motherfucker finally decided to show up one hour, and four cigarettes later. Then we had to find a cab, which was a herculean task in itself. We finally got a cab, and there was this pretty lady there, wearing a sari. Somehow, I resisted my urge to scream,”Milf Beautiful lady!!!!” so kudos to me.

We went to a music shop with a lot of instruments in it. Its probably what Ed Sheeran’s Red Room of Pain (Pleasure, in this case?) looks like.


Kinda like this but instead of all the BDSM stuff there were different musical stuff, and also it wasn’t red.

The man in the shop was nice, and gave us a discount, because Solomon is a Christian and he is a Christian. I’m not lying. That really was the reason he gave us a discount.

After that display of inter religious love, we went to an electronics shop, because Solomon had apparently bought a USB cable which stopped working after two days. He mentioned the words “two days” around six times, in a really aggressive manner, and I just stood beside him, whispering, “The Buddha taught us to chill out, bro, please chill.”

After getting the cable replaced, we went to a cyber café close by. Now, I shit you not. The owner of this cyber café is out of station for around 8 months of the year, and the cyber café is closed during that time. On rare occasions, it is open, and he greets customers with, “Yeah, just back from Thailand”. The café is his only source of income, so I’ve always wondered how he manages to maintain his lifestyle (“Yeah bro, just back from New York”). Maybe he sells weed on the low low. His shop is full of very rhasta items. He probably loves Bob Marley more than the country of Jamaica does.
We met some of our other friends there. We proceeded to pick on one of our friends. I don’t know what it is about him, but he always gets roasted.

By the way, have you ever noticed that if there are just two friends hanging out together, everything is very civil. However, as soon as a third friend joins, it turns into the fucking roast of Justin Bieber with Martha Stewart and Jeff Ross ripping his ass apart.


I don’t even watch GOT but it’s still funny

My friends and I played Dota2 for some time, and smoked a few. After getting our asses handed to us, we left that place. We went to a restaurant called Norgume. The owner is very nice and friendly with me. I call him Chojo which is Tibetan for brother(I think?). The restaurant has no smoking signs on its walls, and ash trays under the tables.


Chai and cigarettes; what more could you want?

After having some noodles, and cigarettes, me and Solomon went back home. I reached home, and my mum was a little mad at me, cause I had come home late, but it soon faded away. Then I had my dinner, and tried to play some guitar. After that, I fell asleep. I was so tired. It was one of the rare days on which I slept early. This miracle took place because I was tired and also cause I had to wake up early the next day. More about that in the next entry.

Kaustubh Rai